GLAM study toolkit

The Ottawa Declaration Working Group, a consortium of stakeholders co-led by the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC), commissioned Oxford Economics to look at the economic and societal value of Canadian GLAMs. The CMA, thanks to support from LAC and the Working Group and in consultation with members of the sector, has developed a toolkit which contains both tips and tools to help a wide range of professionals and institutions across the GLAM sector make further use of the findings. We encourage members of the GLAM community to read the study and help get the word out!

Prefer to work offline? Click here for a PDF download of this toolkit. (Contains top tips and key messages as well as an introduction to the fact sheet, infographics, social media resources and the presentation package.)

GLAM study top tips

Designed to support and amplify the launch of the GLAM report, here are some ideas on how to share the results.

Key messages

These key messages are the backbone to all of the tips and activities aimed at increasing awareness of the GLAM findings.

Infographics and social posts

Infographics and social media posts have been created for you to download and share.

Fact sheet

This at-a-glance fact sheet can be used as a leave-behind for meetings with politicians, donors and other influencers.

Presentation package

This easy-to-use presentation package includes PowerPoint slides as well as speaking points. You can use it to share the GLAM findings at meetings, events and conferences.

GLAM study

Galleries, libraries, archives and museums contribute billions to the Canadian economy and society. Read the study by Oxford Economics.

Additional information

Here you will find a list of additional resources and information.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada.