Value of the GLAM sector

Repositories of art, information, history and treasure, GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) serve to preserve and promote Canadian heritage at home and abroad, while providing access to resources for education, research, learning and artistic creation. For too long, members of the GLAM sector have largely operated in silos. The Ottawa Declaration Working Group, a consortium of stakeholders co-led by the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and Library and Archives Canada (LAC), commissioned Oxford Economics to look at the economic and societal value of Canadian GLAMs.

GLAM study

Galleries, libraries, archives and museums contribute billions to the Canadian economy and society. Read the study by Oxford Economics.

GLAM study toolkit

Thanks to financial support from Libraries and Archives Canada and the Working Group, the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) developed a toolkit, with practical tips and resources to help members of the sector use the results of the GLAM study.

Other GLAM initiatives

Read about other GLAM sector initiatives available on the Library and Archives Canada website.