About the CMA

Museums, large and small, play an increasingly important role in our society. In this increasingly divisive world, they are uniquely positioned to unite us and defend our common good. The Canadian Museums Association (CMA) is a national network designed to offer leadership for, advocate on behalf of and create meaningful connections among Canadian museums and professionals in the sector in order to help increase the value of museums to Canadian society. Our ultimate goal is to ensure museums are valued public institutions that inspire understanding and encourage solutions for a better world.

Museums and COVID-19

As the response to COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, the CMA is working to support museums across the country. This page will list resources and share updates on CMA activities as they relate to COVID-19.


Visit this page for services offered by the CMA beyond those available to our membership.


Learn about our governance structure, including our Board of Directors and Executive Team. Here you’ll also find our bylaws and content related to annual general meetings, including any resolutions

Jobs in heritage and Young Canada Works program

Find a job board for the museum sector, details about the Young Canada Works Program, as well as information about CMA jobs.

News and announcements

In this section of our website we post the latest news, announcements and information from the Canadian Museums Association.


Visit this section of our site to read about the CMA’s various advocacy initiatives in support of the museum sector.

Reconciliation Program

Learn how the CMA is responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #67 in addressing the inclusion and representation of Indigenous Peoples within museums and cultural centres.


Find information about provincial, territorial and international museums associations, as well as other CMA partner organizations.


The CMA was established in 1947. Learn more about our 70+ years supporting the museum community.

Advertising, support and donations

Access information about how you or your organization can support and reach the museum community via advertising and support, as well as donations.