Reports and guidelines

Over the years, the CMA has been involved in a number of projects that result in publications, studies, guidelines, and other reports. The CMA has a number of other publications available for sale in the Bookstore.

The following are available free for download.

[alphabetical by publication title]

A Blue Shield for the Protection of Our Endangered Cultural Heritage, IFLA-PAC 2003

Canadians and Their Museums: A Survey of Canadians and their Views About the Country's Museums, CMA 2003

CMA/CAMDO and CARFAC/RAAV RECOMMENDED Exhibition Fee Schedule 2007

CMA Public Opinion Survey on Canadian Attitudes to Museums and Federal Policy

CMA Deaccessioning Guidelines

Discussion Paper on Digital Copyright Issues, Copyright Forum 2000

Economic Impact of Culture and Sport in Canada from Stats Can

Economic Impact of Culture and Sport in Canada, by Arthur B. C. Drache C.M. Q.C., Drache Aptowitzer LLP, 2018 

Ethics Guidelines, CMA 1999

Getting on the Radar Screen: A Lobbying Primer for Museums, CMA 1999



Let There Be Light, by Ernest Wotton

LGBTQ2+ inclusion for Canadian museums (This is not a final document. It has been reviewed by the CMA LGBTQ2+ Working Group and is currently under community review.)

A Matter of Justice: Recommendations of the Canadian Symposium on Holocaust-era Cultural Property, CMA 2001

More Than Willing Hands : A Report on Voluntarism at Museums, CMA 2001

The Museum's Ethical Challenges in the Public Interpretation of Enterprises in Ethnoecology, Duncan Ferguson Cameron, March 2000

Roles and Responsibilities of Museum Boards of Trustees, CMA and CAMDO 2004

Study on the Economics of Museums Collections 2013

Survey of Property Tax Treatment to Museums 2014

Task Force Report on Museums and First Peoples. A Report jointly sponsored by the Assembly of First Nations and the Canadian Museums Association, 1992 (Reprinted in 1994). 

Visual Arts Summit 2007 Sommet sur les arts visuels

Unesco/ICOM Museum Studies Training Package:

WIPO Guide on Managing Intellectual Property for Museums

Cultural Diversity Publications

Working With Our Communities - David Goa

Communities and Museums: Building Lasting Relationships - David Goa

The Search for Knowledge: Research as Invitation and Response - Henriette Kelker

The Chinese Community in Markham - Dan Liu and Birgitta MacLeod

Community Mapping and Museums - Sandra Massey

The Ethnographic Gaze - Faith Moosang

Study Circles (Red Deer and District Museum and Archives) - David Ridley

Photography, Sympatheia, and Canada's Visual Heritage - Ronald Silvers

A Museum Vision - Nicole Rouel Weppler and Ronald Silvers