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Types of Bursaries

The CMA offers three types of bursaries to assist museum professionals in the following areas:

Conference Professional Development

Conference Professional Development bursaries are given out to assist individuals with the costs of travel, accommodation, per diem and registration fees related to both national and provincial museum conferences.

Note: Only travel expenses can be claimed in a Conference bursary application for participation to any CMA conference activity or related symposia.

Emerging Professional Development

Emerging Professional Development bursaries are given out to promote the exchange of knowledge and learning between museum professionals at the beginning of their careers. The program provides financial assistance to individuals to attend short courses, seminars, and workshops.

Mid-Career Professional Development

Bursaries for Mid-Career Professional Development are given out to build new competencies and increase individual and institutional performance. Bursaries are provided for specialized museum studies at a national or international level, such as specialized courses, seminars, workshops and symposia, as well as professional exchanges that promote continuous learning.


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