Nomination and Appointment of New Fellows

Appointment as a Fellow is the highest form of recognition bestowed by the Canadian Museums Association. There can be no more than 50 Fellows at any time, and therefore inclusion in this order indicates significant accomplishment. All nominations are forwarded to the CMA Board of Directors for selection, and the presentation of the title is made at the National Conference.

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To be appointed as a fellow, nominees must be, or have been, individual members of the CMA.


November 15 each year.


Nominations must specifically outline each of the following:

  • A nominee must be, or have been, a member of the Canadian Museums Association.
  • A nominee must have contributed in a distinctive and exemplary fashion to the  profession, and demonstrate continued intellectual engagement in the field.
  • A nominee must have contributed to the advancement of museums.
  • A nominee must have contributed to the work of the Canadian Museums Association.
  • A nominee's contribution should be cumulative over time, and have had an impact that is regional, national or international in effect.
  • A nominee must demonstrate a commitment to the vision, mission, and values of the Canadian museum community as reflected in the strategic plan of the Canadian Museums Association.
  • The nominee should maintain lifelong participation in the community to the extent possible.
  • Any current CMA Board or staff member is not eligible for nomination during her/his tenure/employment, and such exclusion would extend to such Board or Staff member's personal partner except in exceptional circumstances.

Nomination Instructions

A nomination must be made by three sponsors, one of whom must be a Fellow and the others CMA members in good standing.

You simply have to complete and submit the nomination form. The form requires the following information:

  • A statement, no longer than 300-500 words, explaining why the nominee should be appointed as a Fellow, including a description of how the person meets the required criteria.
  • A full résumé of the nominee's career.
  • An explanatory letter of support from each sponsor must be included.
  • You may provide web links or hyperlinks for any other relevant documentation.

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