Program and Speakers
Monday, April 3rd   

Pre-conference activities TBA  

Tuesday, April 4th     

8:00 am – 5:00 pm


9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Directors Symposium
Bytown Museum
By invitation only!

10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Provincial Museums Association Meeting
By invitation only!

Study Tours — Offsite Insights    

Study Tours take advantage of local expertise to help you learn more about practical approaches to apply within your institution. You will enter each site through the front door and move through them systematically to get a thorough behind-the-scenes look. You will learn about the exemplary works that fulfill our traditional mandates. You will also learn about different aspects of cultural and heritage tourism. The study tours will give you the knowledge to implement action plans in your institutions. The 2017 CMA Conference offers three pre-conference Study Tours. All tours depart from the Westin Ottawa Hotel. A separate fee is applicable for each tour and includes admission to all sites, guided tours, food, and transportation, as specified. Comfortable walking shoes are a must, as is a warm, water and windproof jacket or coat. Add a pair of gloves and you’ll be prepared for any type of weather but we hope spring will have sprung!

9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Behind-the-Scenes Tour — Conservation, Preservation and Technology Canadian Conservation Institute and Canada Science and Technology Museum
A major renewal is underway in the east end of Ottawa! Join representatives from the Canada Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) and the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) to learn firsthand about a "mostly new" museum building along with the development of 80,000 sq. ft of exhibition space and the new 700,000 sq. ft Collection Conservation Centre building that will house three national partners. From the emergency closure to reopening, the CSTM renewal will be completed in just three years while the new collection and conservation building will be built in only two. The countdown is on!

Special pricing Icon

Fee: $70 — Special Anniversary pricing! This is in addition to the all-inclusive registration fee! Open to delegates and guests. Tour includes transportation, lunch, a behind-the-scenes tour of the current conservation and science labs at CCI, presentations on the exhibition and building projects and a hard hat building tour of the CSTM. The tour will conclude with a tour of the Bicycle Craft Brewery. . Limited to 30 participants.

9 am - noon
The Three R's: Redesign, Reinstall and Reinterpret Canada's National Collection
National Gallery of Canada
To celebrate Confederation’s 150th anniversary, the National Gallery of Canada will unveil an unprecedented narrative of Canadian art through a full transformation of its galleries. Some 600 works of art by Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in dialogue will be displayed in a new museography designed by guest designer Adrien Gardère and contextualized thanks to innovative visitor-centric didactic contents. Meet the cross-departmental team that has led this strategic initiative – the first comprehensive reinstallation of the Gallery’s permanent collection since the building was inaugurated in 1988 – around the 3D model used to conceptualize the new vision for the galleries and get a behind-the-scene tour of some of the vaults.

Special pricing Icon

Fee: FREE! — Special Anniversary pricing! Open to delegates. Tour includes behind-the-scenes tour, presentations and light refreshments. Delegates will meet in the lobby of the Westin Ottawa at 8:45 am for the short walk to the National Gallery. Limited to 30 participants.

12:30 – 4:00 pm
A Treasure Trio: Behind-the-Scenes at Canadian War Museum, Bank of Canada Museum and Ottawa Art Gallery
Join us for behind-the-scenes tours of three of Ottawa’s major and unique cultural facilities: The Canadian War Museum, the Bank of Canada Museum and the Ottawa Art Gallery. Having just celebrated its 10th anniversary, your first stop at the Canadian War Museum takes you on a behind-the-scenes visit of the Museum’s soon to be opened exhibition Vimy – Battle, Memorial, Icon, before it opens to the public! This multi-faceted exhibition exploring the Battle of Vimy Ridge and its meaning, 100 years later will explore commemoration and memory, and include upgrades to the presentation of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in the Museum’s galleries enabling visitors to understand how this iconic event has shaped our perception of history. Our second stop takes us to The Bank of Canada Museum where you’ll don steel-toed boots and a hard hat! Reopening in July 2017, this “hard hat” tour of the new facilities provides a behind-the-scenes peak as the finishing touches are made to the building structure and the exhibitions. Our final stop takes us to The Ottawa Art Gallery. An Ottawa treasure, it curates its own collection, as well as the City of Ottawa’s Firestone Collection, serving the local art community and community-at-large with professional art education services. Over the past several years it has been working with partners and stakeholders to design and build a fabulous new art gallery within the context of a ‘PPP’ business model - the art gallery, a hotel and an offering of condos, all in the same building. It is an excellent example of a game changer including: the art of negotiation; fund raising; grant securement and design. Opening in the fall of 2017, this too is a “hard hat” tour of the new facilities and a behind-the-scenes viewing of the new design elements.

Fee: $30! — This is in addition to the all-inclusive registration fee! Open to delegates and guests. Tour includes transportation, behind-the-scenes tour, presentations and light refreshments. Limited to 30 participants.

Optional Evening Event
6:00 – 9:00 pm
Beautiful and Deadly Reception
The Canadian Museum of Nature welcomes CMA delegates to the first event of CMA 2017! The CMN resides in the first building in Canada created to house a national museum. It's a national historic site and the birthplace of Canada's national museum. You’ll tour this beautiful historic building and explore the museum’s extensive galleries. Participate in an evening themed around the Beautiful and Deadly – featuring the live Reptile exhibition, themed cocktails, delicious food and unique programming that will help you master your inner fears! Additionally, there will be the opportunity to partake in an Escape Manor experience. Test your wits, spatial reasoning and problem solving abilities to escape within the 45 minute time period. This event is offered in partnership with Escape Manor.

Reception Fee: TBD! — This is in addition to the all-inclusive registration fee! Open to delegates and guests. Includes transportation, behind-the-scenes tour, and programing. Heavy hors dœurves and one themed cocktail followed by a cash bar.

Escape Manor Fee: $20! — This is in addition to the all-inclusive registration fee and the Reception fee! Open to delegates and guests. There will be six sessions offered throughout the evening with up to 15 people participating per time. Places are limited so register early to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday, April 5th

Full-day Workshops 

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

1. Rapid Strategic Planning – An Oxymoron or a Brilliant Tool for Smaller Museums and Galleries?    

Facilitator: Wayne Hussey, Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc.  

A clear and dynamic Strategic Plan is essential to organizational success. And, this is especially true for smaller organizations where there is limited people, money and time. The Navigator © Strategic Planning Process is something that you could actually lead your Museum through and save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours compared to traditional processes. During the workshop, Wayne will take participants through the process of building a real Strategic Plan for their institution based on the key six “Navigator” steps of building an effective and dynamic Strategic Plan and how you can save money and time!

About your facilitator:
Wayne Hussey, of Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc., has been a key presenter at a number of CMA conferences. His down to earth and humorous style, combined with innovative and practical content has resulted in very positive evaluations by his participants.

Fee: $TBD. Includes two networking breaks, lunch and Syllabus. Limited to 20 participants, one per institution.

2. A Playful Approach to Envisioning Museums in 2042  

The year 2042 is in many ways a special year. Some people will recognize in 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything. Also, in 2017, it’s exactly 25 years in the future. A significant group of professionals working in 2017, will still be active in their careers in 2042. For them, and everybody else interested in the future of culture, the arts and heritage, this workshop will envision museums in 2042, using the playful approach of Cards for Culture - Museum Edition. Cards for Culture is a playful approach to strategy development, stimulating creativity, inspiring innovation and guiding transformation processes. Cards for Culture combines strategic questions, current trends and best practices to facilitate conversations about the future of museums, relevant strategies and new ideas. In the one-day workshop, we’ll use the trends and strategy cards to explore what museums may look like in 2042 around 8 themes: story, audience, leadership, organization, community, society, space and assets. We’ll approach the future by extrapolating current trends, and use past visions of the future to shape our own. At the end of the day we bring all our views together to sketch the museum of the future, and pinpoint those elements of the future that we can already put in practice today. The workshop will be highly interactive, use international case studies and build upon the knowledge and experience of participants. Participants are encouraged to bring materials related to their future/ the future of their institutions (e.g. long term vision documents, internal trend reports, etc.).

About your facilitator:
Jasper Visser is an international change agent, social and cultural innovator and facilitator. He has extensive experience in the cultural and heritage sectors and social institutions. Jasper is a strategic designer and senior partner at the boutique consultancy VISSCH+STAM.

Fee: $TBD. Includes two networking breaks, lunch and all materials. Attendees will also have the option of purchasing a copy of Cards for Culture - Museum Edition at the end of the workshop. Limited to 40 participants.

3. Toolbox for Delivering and Developing School Programs: Changing the Game of How We Develop and Deliver

Facilitators: Maggie MacIntyre , Nova Scotia Museum; Katherine MacLeod , Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village;
With Virtual Assistance from the Nova Scotia Provincial Library, Nova Scotia Archives and several Nova Scotia Museum sites.

Presented in English only.

Back and updated by popular demand, this "new" toolbox full-day workshop will expand on the 2016 CMA workshop. Where the 2016 workshop focused on best practices and partnerships, this practical and hands-on workshop will focus directly on how museums can easily use the toolbox. This workshop will encourage and empower participants to rethink how they develop and present school programs. All participants will be encouraged to collaborate and share their experiences in development and delivery in the hopes of developing their network of museum educators. The morning portion of the workshop will focus on program development, including skills, tips and tricks. By using the Toolbox and its ready-made resources, including templates and activities, the group will develop a program together based on Canada 150. This experience will make the fundamental building blocks presented in the Toolbox tangible and practical to the participants. After lunch the workshop will focus on program presentation skills. Leaning and using these newly developed skills participants will head out into the city and work through the process of delivering the program developed in the morning. By actually using the toolbox, participants will see how easily they could use the Toolbox to run similar workshops with their own staff and partners. Additionally, attendees will take away a brand-new school program they will be able to deliver in their community.

Proposed audience:
This full-day workshop is intended for staff of museums and cultural facilities, including archives and libraries, who champion, develop and/or present museum school programs (education programs).

About your Facilitators:
Maggie MacIntyre has worked with both cultural and natural history museums in a variety of interpretation roles (planning, outreach, online and public programming). As Nova Scotia Museum's Interpretive Researcher, she has led the development of the "Toolbox for Museum School Programs" and works with museums across the province to empower them in their quest to engage audiences with "the real."
Katherine MacLeod is the Learning & Media Specialist at Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village, a part of the Nova Scotia Museum, in Cape Breton. A native of Iona, Katherine specializes in program creation, graphic design, outreach and social media for the Highland Village Museum.

With Virtual Presentations from:
Nova Scotia Provincial Library provides resources to public libraries across Nova Scotia. They work collaboratively with museums to help build community partnerships, provide resources and provide venues for public engagement.
Nova Scotia Archives serves as the permanent repository for the archival records of the Government of Nova Scotia and acquires and preserves provincially-significant archival records from the private sector. They work closely with museums to promote archives and primary source document learning in Nova Scotia Schools.
Nova Scotia Museum is a family of 28 provincial museum sites across Nova Scotia that includes rural, urban, as well as small and large museums. The Toolbox represents work being done across this museum system, showing the diversity and flexibility of the resource.

Fee: $TBD. Includes two health breaks and lunch. The Toolbox for Museum School Programs will be made available for free download to attendees. Participants will be required to bring their own supplies for taking notes, all other materials will be provided. Transportation will be provided to the CWM. Limited to 30 participants.

Thursday, April 6th  


Friday, April 7th