Program and Speakers

Monday, April 3rd   

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Tuesday, April 4th     

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Wednesday, April 5th  

Full-day Workshops 
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

1. Rapid Strategic Planning – An Oxymoron or a Brilliant Tool for Smaller Museums and Galleries?  
Facilitator: Wayne Hussey, Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc.  
A clear and dynamic Strategic Plan is essential to organizational success. And, this is especially true for smaller organizations where there is limited people, money and time. The Navigator © Strategic Planning Process is something that you could actually lead your Museum through and save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours compared to traditional processes. During the workshop, Wayne will take participants through the process of building a real Strategic Plan for their institution based on the key six “Navigator” steps of building an effective and dynamic Strategic Plan and how you can save money and time!

About your facilitator: Wayne Hussey, of Wayne Hussey Consulting Inc., has been a key presenter at a number of CMA conferences. His down to earth and humorous style, combined with innovative and practical content has resulted in very positive evaluations by his participants.

Fee:  $TBD. Includes two networking breaks, lunch and Syllabus. Limited to 20 participants, one per institution.

2. A Playful Approach to Envisioning Museums in 2042  
The year 2042 is in many ways a special year. Some people will recognize in 42 the answer to life, the universe and everything. Also, in 2017, it’s exactly 25 years in the future. A significant group of professionals working in 2017, will still be active in their careers in 2042. For them, and everybody else interested in the future of culture, the arts and heritage, this workshop will envision museums in 2042, using the playful approach of Cards for Culture - Museum Edition. Cards for Culture is a playful approach to strategy development, stimulating creativity, inspiring innovation and guiding transformation processes. Cards for Culture combines strategic questions, current trends and best practices to facilitate conversations about the future of museums, relevant strategies and new ideas. In the one-day workshop, we’ll use the trends and strategy cards to explore what museums may look like in 2042 around 8 themes: story, audience, leadership, organization, community, society, space and assets. We’ll approach the future by extrapolating current trends, and use past visions of the future to shape our own. At the end of the day we bring all our views together to sketch the museum of the future, and pinpoint those elements of the future that we can already put in practice today. The workshop will be highly interactive, use international case studies and build upon the knowledge and experience of participants. Participants are encouraged to bring materials related to their future/ the future of their institutions (e.g. long term vision documents, internal trend reports, etc.).

About your facilitator: Jasper Visser is an international change agent, social and cultural innovator and facilitator. He has extensive experience in the cultural and heritage sectors and social institutions. Jasper is a strategic designer and senior partner at the boutique consultancy VISSCH+STAM.

Fee: $TBD. Includes two networking breaks, lunch and all materials. Attendees will also have the option of purchasing a copy of Cards for Culture - Museum Edition at the end of the workshop. Limited to 40 participants.

Thursday, April 6th  


Friday, April 7th