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Educational Programs Developer



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Educational Programs Developer




New Brunswick Military History Museum


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The successful candidate will be responsible for the introduction of quality, accessible, repeatable, curriculum- and interest-based programs to NBMHM’s roster of public offerings.

The specific deliverables to be provided are:

(1) An original series of educational programs, and associated materials;
Task 1.1 – attempt to consult with teachers and other local educators for input regarding program design and content
Task 1.2 – develop at least three (3) original New Brunswick curriculum-based programs for school groups and youth in general
Task 1.3 – ensure the spectrum of curriculum-based programs capture all age groups within grade levels 1 through 12.
Task 1.4 – develop at least one (1) original generalized interest program for adults that is educational in nature
Task 1.5 – ensure the full complement of newly developed programs is varied with respect to:
• length/delivery time
• topic
• complexity (i.e., demands on resources, number of personnel required for delivery, intricacy of activities, etc)
Task 1.6 – ensure the full complement of newly developed programs:
• centre around New Brunswick military history, Canadian military history, and/or the military experience
• appeal to and are effective for a varied audience composed of individuals with multiple learning styles and intelligences
• incorporate some use of NBMHM’s artifact collections and exhibits
Task 1.7 – create any concomitant materials required for the delivery of each newly developed program (e.g., crosswords, handouts, scavenger hunt maps, etc.)
Task 1.8 – create individual guidebooks outlining and describing the newly developed programs so as to provide a reference to aid in the successful future delivery of each by museum personnel

(2) Methodology, and associated materials, for evaluation of each program’s effectiveness;
Task 2.1 – Devise efficient strategy for the gathering of general feedback and evaluation of each program’s effectiveness
Task 2.2 – Development matrices or equivalent tools for use in the assessment of students’ performance relative to each program’s goals

(3) Implementation of newly developed programs during course of contract period; and
Task 3.1 – manage bookings and related program requests during the course of the contract period
Task 3.2 – deliver programs to participant groups, as booked during the course of the contract period
Task 3.3 – perform subsequent evaluation and report findings for each program delivered

(4) Orientation of current staff to details and delivery of newly developed programs.
Task 4.1 – Train current staff in order to familiarize relevant personnel with the details of each newly developed program
Task 4.2 – Instruct current staff in best practices for successful delivery of each newly developed program

Please direct inquires and requests for full RFP details to:
Michelle Bissonnette
Executive Director, NBMHM