Loans Officer [Ottawa]

Loans Officer



Job Title:


Loans Officer




Canadian War Museum


Job Type:

Permanent Full-Time


Language Required:


BBB imperative




Ottawa, Ontario


Application Deadline:




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$55,456 - $71,475 (Job classification:(E5))


Job Description:


We are looking for an experienced Loans Officer to join our Collections Division the Canadian War Museum. Reporting to
the Supervisor, Collections Information and Management, your key responsibilities will include:

- Coordinate the processes involved in the lending, borrowing and transportation of all temporary artifacts/exhibitions to,
and from the CWM;
- Coordinate and monitor all CWM Loans and Partnership Agreements with other Canadian museums;
- Coordinate and participate on Loans Committees;
- Conduct research and undertakes activities to support requests of external clients and the efficient operation of
the loans section at CWM.

Compensation: $55,456 - $71,475 (Job classification:(E5))
Language: BBB imperative (for a detailed definition of the linguistic level required, access our website). We encourage all
candidates to submit their application, regardless of whether they believe they meet the linguistic requirements of the
position. As part of its hiring process, the Museum sends qualified candidates for linguistic validation to determine their
language proficiency.
Security Clearance: Enhanced reliability
Open to: Museum employees, external candidates and/or candidates from our inventory. Priority will be given to
Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Apply no later than July 19, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. as instructed on the website:
under “Current Job Opportunities.”