Exhibit Support Specialist [Dhahran]

Exhibit Support Specialist



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Exhibit Support Specialist




King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Saudi Aramco


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Full Time


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Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


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Position Description:
We are seeking an Exhibits Specialist to join the Technical Services Division of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Saudi Aramco.

The Technical Services Division is responsible for supporting the technical operation and maintenance of all exhibits and galleries at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture.

The Exhibits Specialist’s primary role, as part of the exhibits team is to develop, implement, and execute an effective maintenance program for the exhibits and galleries.

Minimum Requirements:
As the successful candidate you will hold a Bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent technical qualification in related subject) in product design, architecture, interior design, bespoke construction, design, engineering and science technology, or computer science from a recognized and approved program.
You will have ten year experience in of providing technical/maintenance services within a museum, leisure, or science center environment. You must have the ability to develop innovative ideas and to solve problems creatively and practically. You must have organizational and research skills. You must have documentation skills in recording exhibit performance status and be able to maintain a high standard of documentation. You must have the ability to communicate effectively verbally, in writing, and electronically, and have effective interaction skills working with a large variety of personnel at various levels.
You must demonstrated knowledge in the use of audiovisual and interactive techniques, knowledge of the nature of the contemporary exhibition materials, and implementing technology driven exhibitions.
You must have experience in the development and implementation of preventative maintenance programs, particularly in relation to complex audio-visual systems, including, but not limited to:
Real-time 3D rendering systems
Unix/Linux/Windows based exhibit infrastructure
Content management systems and databases
Media control systems (e.g., Medialon, etc.)
High performance video playout systems (e.g., 7th Sense multichannel systems)
Lighting systems (e.g., e: cue, etc.)
Digital Audio Systems (e.g., OSC, etc.)

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Work as a key member of an effective, unified exhibits team.
Supervise and manage operation and maintenance contractors, and ensure a high level operation quality standard.
Provide technical support for operation and maintenance, including analyzing and resolving exhibit related issues arising during operation, and managing change requirements and implement changes where appropriate.
Prepare and oversee the exhibit maintenance schedule and protocols.
Analyze and review the performance and functionalities of the exhibit technology systems, with the goal of continuous improvement and further development. Develop update concepts and implement them following an agile approach (Dev-Ops), to avoid major down-times of the exhibits.
Use your working knowledge of exhibits content management systems (CAVS/UMM), which renders contents from a centralized database, to troubleshoot, configure, and restore from back-up and ensure minimum down-time when outage occurs.

Support the continuous improvement driven by the requirements, findings and experiences from daily operations.

Manage the optimization and further development activities to meet the requirements and needs of the visitor facing operation team.

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